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Ask Arlene MD is to focus on anything that has to do with mental health. In the past I've written about relationships but now I would like to focus more on mental health and try to be educational and entertaining. Life is always about relationships. These are either male, female, parent, child, neighbors, teachers, and the list is infinite. How we interact with others define us. If we are angry, we can develop toxic relationships. If we have a better attitude, then we will be happy. Happiness is really a state of mind. You chose to feel happy. You chose to be sad. You choose to be angry. You chose to be mean. Hopefully if you read this blog you will use it for insight, not to attack others. The purpose is to try to make people have a better and positive look at life. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Why men marry some women and not others" by John Molloy

Wow! I just love this book. I've added a link below so you can read a summary of the basic ideas of the author. His ideas are based on his personal research and should only be used as guidelines. But boy do they make sense! The more I practice psychiatry, the more it makes sense to me what he wrote. Please take a few minutes and read the link!

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