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Ask Arlene MD is to focus on anything that has to do with mental health. In the past I've written about relationships but now I would like to focus more on mental health and try to be educational and entertaining. Life is always about relationships. These are either male, female, parent, child, neighbors, teachers, and the list is infinite. How we interact with others define us. If we are angry, we can develop toxic relationships. If we have a better attitude, then we will be happy. Happiness is really a state of mind. You chose to feel happy. You chose to be sad. You choose to be angry. You chose to be mean. Hopefully if you read this blog you will use it for insight, not to attack others. The purpose is to try to make people have a better and positive look at life. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On dating younger men...

I've seen quite a few "cougars" lately. These women are in their forties or older and suddenly they are starting to date younger more attractive men. Since women are maintaining their looks longer these days, this is not so uncommon anymore. However, there are some drawbacks that you should consider before you venture into those unknown territories. Younger men are attractive to slightly older more sophisticated women. However, remember that the older he gets, the older you get. By this I mean that when you are forty and he is thirty, it may be fine but when you are fifty and he is forty, then suddenly you are an "older broad". I've seen several women that marry men 10 to 20 years younger then they are. When they get older, the men tend to wander off looking for younger women. Several of these marriages have ended in divorce, leaving the fifty year old women heartbroken while the guy is dating younger, more attractive ladies. Another thing to consider is that men in their thirties may want to have children. The women in her forties most probably had their children when they where in their twenties. This means that her kids are already in college and  her new beau is wanting a baby. Think hard and strong about this one. Do you really want another baby when you are in your forties? Putting aside the medical risks of pregnancy in women over 35, consider how old you would be when your kid is a teenager. Believe me, after sixty you want to be able to do other things beside raising a teenager. I've met women who have married younger men and when the children finally leave for college, the husband leaves. Whatever you decide to do, I believe it's best to stick to someone close to your own age.

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